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Have you ever been a part of a workplace where toxicity spreads like wildfire? You’re not alone. This problem plagues so many organizations, destroying the entire mission from the inside out. Relationships crumble, morale plummets, and customers don’t receive the kind of service that they deserve.

How can you avoid this downfall in your organization? The answer is simple: cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving and praise within your workplace and following the bible verses on business. Let it start with you and spread from there.


Once you start to run a business by Bible, you will be amazed by how infectious positivity can be. Just as negativity spreads through workplaces, positivity can sweep through and crush bad attitudes in its path. When met with stress and negativity during the day, counter it with God’s love. Put on an attitude of joy and thanksgiving, and watch the struggles to dissipate. These improved interactions will transform your organization from the inside out.


You can start by noticing things to be grateful for all around you. God has given you a mission to further your business. Praise Him for it. He has given you the skills necessary to do powerful work for His kingdom. Give Him all the glory. The kind of positive outlook that this mentality fosters has proven to produce a healthier emotional state, better sleep, and the drive to show increased kindness and compassion towards others. If you can capture this lifestyle and read bible verses on business, it will improve every interaction in your life and business. It will allow you to run your business by bible.

Understand The Importance of Thanksgiving and Praise

Colossians 3:17 reads, “whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (NIV). While managing everything placed on your shoulders as an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to keep perspective. You have to wear many hats. Priorities are misplaced quickly and easily.


God grants us the ability to control our time once more by focusing our thoughts on a single point: Him. When we hone in on our relationship with God, He sets our path. Asking Him for direction and thanking Him along each step allows us to reclaim our priorities and become exponentially more productive. To accomplish this, we have to adopt the mindset that we are working for Him in everything we do. When we do, we find ourselves welling up with thanksgiving and praise. We begin to realize that our success has not come by our efforts alone but by His grace.


When we achieve this frame of mind, it has a tremendous psychological impact on us. Just the little things, like saying “thank you” to Jesus, can quickly turn an anxious or stressful thought into one of thanksgiving. All the small stresses and pressures of your day convert into encouraging, empowering thoughts. This change in perspective can be ours if we simply start our day in thanksgiving to God. If we can say “thank you” to our customers, why can’t we say it to God?


This psychological change in us reaches far past our business and flows into every part of our life. We are more grateful for our family, and we are more thankful for our friends. God reignites our drive for everything that we do. We carry joy with us that spreads everywhere we go like wildfire. Our improved mental health even results in better physical health! The benefits are endless.


In Psalm 100:4, God’s Word reminds us to “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise” (NIV). Start each workday praising God and thanking Him for all the blessings that He has brought your way. Push aside the urge to worry about everything you have to get done or any other stresses trying to block your joy. Find specific examples of things you are grateful for to bring to Him in prayer. If you do, He will transform your thoughts, and you will carry positivity with you throughout your day.


Psalm 28:7 reads, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him” (NIV). God has led you to the business that you have started. He has a purpose for you and desires that you find fulfillment in it. Psalm 28:7 reminds us that he helps us in our work and brings joy to our hearts in doing so. We have the most astonishing co-worker of all. With Him at your side, nothing can stand against the mission He set forth for your organization to accomplish.


This amazing concept of business by bible has given many the tips they need to improve their business as well as their own personal life. Combining bible verses on business with years of experience and research, we have unlocked the ways to run a business the Christian way and never worry about failing your business again.